Minimalist backpack styles from the north of Germany


Johnny Urban doesn't always plan ahead of time. He leaves room for everyday surprises. He is open, cheerful, active. He does not worry about the future, but he looks forward to it with curiosity. Still, he's not carefree. He pays a lot of attention to his environment because it is a place where he can move freely, an environment that he is never tired of exploring. It will require a flexible companion to be able to live this busy lifestyle in a big city.



“We are very happy that you are here, because if you are looking for a good backpack you have come to the right place. With our dedicated team we work from Hamburg day after day to provide you with an ideal companion for your everyday life and for those special moments. All Johnny Urban products combine a certain minimalism in design, regardless of the variety of functions. This approach turns our products into timeless accessories.

We try to use sustainable materials as much as possible. The success of our "Eco Series" inspires us to create more aspects of our products environmentally friendly, step by step. In doing so, we rely on fair trade with all stakeholders. This is demonstrated in our good long-term relationships with our suppliers, fair prices and great service for our customers. If you have a question or something is not to your satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are always here for you.

We see our partners, ourselves and every customer as part of the Johnny Urban brand. You can follow our progress at any time on Instagram & Co. or via our newsletter. We are delighted when you show us how you bring the products to life through your social media. I look forward to your experience with Johnny Urban.

Best regards, Timm. "


It is very important to us, to do as little damage as possible to the environment. For this purpose we have launched our "Eco Series". Products from this series are characterised by the use of recycled fibers and PFC-free impregnation. We use polyester made out of recycled PET bottles from independently certified companies.

Compared to other manufacturing methods, the amount of wastewater in the recycling process is reduced by 20% and energy consumption is reduced by a full 50%.

Our packaging is all recyclable. We are currently sourcing very carefully for recycled alternatives that suit our requirements. If you have any recommendations for us, we look forward to your suggestions. We strive in all areas to find more sustainable alternatives in order to minimize our ecological footprint. Of course, we look forward to any help from our community.


Our backpacks are made in southeast China. We have personally inspected and selected the factories on site and visit them on a regular basis. This way, we are convinced that our manufacturers have professional working conditions. All manufacturers have contractually agreed to comply with labor law requirements. In addition, our manufacturers are regularly checked by independent inspectors (e.g. ISO, BSCI).

We maintain a close and friendly relationship with our suppliers. The great teamwork is reflected in our long-term partnerships. We grow together with our partners and thus achieve a steadily increasing quality. In our company's history, thanks to this close relationship, we have never had to change producers.


Founded in 2016 in Schanzenviertel - Hamburg

Currently 14 employees and 1 office dog

1,2 million PET bottles (0,5 l) recycled in 2020

20 different backpack styles

80% of them are part of the "Eco Series"

Supporter of the MBRC the Ocean Foundation