Everything we do relies on our planet's ecosystem continuing to function. That's why we make sure to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.



Every plastic bottle that doesn't end up in the sea is a success. We have been using polyester made from recycled PET bottles in our "Eco Series" since 2017. We obtain the fabrics from certified companies. This is how plastic waste finds a new use.

Compared to other manufacturing processes, the amount of waste water in the recycling process is reduced by 20% and energy consumption is reduced by a full 50%.

In the first step, the labels are removed from the bottles. Then the bottles are washed and crushed. In the next step, the plastic flakes are formed into pellets. The pellets are then melted and processed into yarn. The yarn is dyed and woven into the fabric, which is then used to make our products.

3.3 million

PET bottles (0.5L) recycled in 2022



For some, the “Made in China” label still carries negative connotations. From our point of view, this attitude is a simplified generalization. Today, China is the number one production location for many goods. You can find producers of all qualities locally. With know-how and personal selection on site, we were able to find very experienced production facilities that share our quality standards and can meet them.

The importance of China as a production location has a positive effect on the value chain. All ingredients can be sourced locally. For example, China is a leader in the production of fabrics made from recycled polyester. This means that if we were to produce in another country, we would still have to source many ingredients from China and would not reduce the transport route.

Certainly, there is still room for improvement in some areas in China, and there are differences between the various local producers. However, the cliché “Made in China = cheap or inferior” is outdated.



We have personally inspected and selected the factories on site and visit them again and again. In this way we can convince ourselves that we are dealing with manufacturers with professional working conditions. All manufacturers have contractually committed to us to comply with labor law requirements. In addition, the manufacturers are regularly checked by independent inspectors (e.g. ISO, BSCI).

We maintain a close and friendly relationship with our suppliers. The good cooperation is reflected in long-term partnerships. We grow together with our partners and thus achieve a constantly increasing quality. Thanks to this close relationship, we have never had to change producers in the history of our company.

* Fabrication made from recycled polyester vs. regular polyester